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Innovation Strategy

With a deep understanding of market, tech, and cultural trends, we identify disruptive innovation opportunities and collaboratively create groundbreaking, human-centered products and services that redefine industries and surpass expectations. Our proprietary Visioneering™ methodology, refined over decades, helps clients navigate innovation risks. From concept to reality, we implement and scale innovations with finely-tuned roadmaps, agile methods, and continuous feedback. The results? Billion-dollar categories and reshaped futures.

AdidasBest BuyRei Coop
Two athletic shoes suspended on strings behind a glass digital interface

Featured Work: Adidas

A flexible interactive display platform that turns a physical product into a thrilling digital/analog experience.

Design Strategy

In today's business landscape, where human-centricity, strategy, and problem-solving converge, design is a powerful tool. With 40 years’ experience launching successful brands, Ziba creates cohesive, scalable, brand-based design systems for all your products, services, and environments. We meticulously craft guidelines covering visual, interactive, and experiential elements, ensuring a consistent, engaging consumer experience across all touchpoints.

HoneywellNew Seasons MarketTDK
Person pouring maple syrup from a small glass container onto a stack of pancakes on a white plate, all in front of a green background

Featured Work: New Seasons

Tell an authentic story, deliver on what you promise, and keep customers engaged.

Brand Strategy

Top brands innovate by using purpose and sustainability to meet changing expectations. At Ziba, we use Deep Insights to help you unlock the hidden power of your brand. Our methods help you find new ways to communicate your brand values and character. Our framework helps you build a deep and lasting connection that transforms first time experiences into lifetime loyalty.

Person wearing a large backpack hiking up a mountain side in front of a mountain range covered in trees

Featured Work: Danner

A new strategy for Danner that unites a diverse market under a unified brand message.

CX Strategy

Improving customer and employee experiences is essential for sustainable business growth. Knowing how to transform these experiences effectively and maximize returns is key. Ziba's CX Transformation Model guides organizations towards the best approach—Optimization, Activation, or Innovation—creating a vision for exceptional experiences. We identify both customers and employees core values, attitudes, and motivations, revealing their unmet needs throughout the journey. Our framework, tools, and training, help you transition CX from satisfactory to exceptional.


Featured Work: Daimler Trucks North America

The right CX approach, training and tools empower an engineering-led company to deliver a world-class customer experience.

Asking someone what they want is pointless, but knowing what they need is critical.

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Brand Insights

In a world of endless possibilities, bringing your brand purpose to life means embracing more— more empowered consumers, touchpoints, creative storytelling, and data-driven insights. Increasing commitment to transparency and authenticity are critical in meeting rising cultural expectations. Bold brand leadership starts with rigorous research into your brand’s DNA and context. Ziba's insights help you craft impactful marketing strategies, guide product development, and drive measurably deeper customer engagement.

EverBankPortland Art MuseumUmpqua Bank
Stylized mural of a sunrise over a green field with yellow flowers and a blue river

Featured Work: Umpqua Bank

A regional bank’s flagship branch becomes a top-to-bottom expression of its people-first brand promise.

Trend Insights

Insight becomes even more powerful when combined with foresight. Ziba's trends practice helps clients develop cultures of foresight, futureproofing across CX, product innovation, brand refresh, and strategic planning. Our process of monitoring, analyzing and interpreting consumer, industry and market trends gives clients the necessary edge— revealing opportunities while helping them avoid threats and adapt to evolving cultural norms, technologies and customer behavior.

LuxotticaCostco WholesaleREI Coop
Small illuminated cylindrical LED lantern with a silicone holder on top

Featured Work: REI

A new brand of outdoor gear designed for good times.

User Insights

User insights fuel every stage of design thinking, from defining opportunities to ideation, prototyping, testing, and iterating. At Ziba, we harness these insights to define innovations relevant to your business strategy. Our transformative process turns user research data into foundational insights, shaping our generative and evaluative frameworks. This enables us to help companies in making strategic investments and innovations that enhance customer experience and deliver new value.


Featured Work: WWF

Ziba helped the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) develop a campaign for reducing food waste in resorts, hotels and cruise ships, based on customer research and behavior change principles.

Strategic design only works when it meets the needs of your consumers and your organization.

team designing on a desk

Communication Design

In a world with so many distractions and messages vying for valuable customer attention, only the best communication design breaks through and conveys a brand's essence. Ziba excels in blending creativity, interactivity, trends, and user insights across print, packaging, digital, and multimedia platforms to effectively communicate your brand's depth at every touchpoint.


Featured Work: SiriusXM

A smarter media player lets customers access live content, anywhere.

Digital Design

People constantly interact with interfaces. Ziba crafts authentic, meaningful digital interactions using a brand and human-centered approach. Combining technology, user research, graphic design, web design, UI, and UX, we create innovative solutions that exceed expectations, redefine categories, and adapt to evolving needs and trends like voice, gesture, and AR.

Illustration of two people discussing a healthcare mobile app

Featured Work: Sharp HealthCare

A digital strategy that empowers a beloved healthcare provider to engage with patients in a transparent, high-touch way.

Environment Design

Spaces shape experiences. Crafting environments that tell compelling human and brand stories is crucial. Blending user insights, branding, wayfinding, sustainability, and digital-physical integration, Ziba creates environments that are not only innovative and functional but also beautiful and connected. Using physical, digital, social, and visual dimensions of retail, service, or event spaces, our innovative environments meet audience’s needs, highlight your brand's essence, and deliver on your brand promise.

LuxotticaReebokUmpqua Bank
Three mannequins in running positions wearing sports attire in front of a large digital display

Featured Work: Reebok

A redesigned retail space becomes a destination for fitness and wellness-seekers.

Product Design

Grounded in user-centered and sustainability principles, Ziba integrates user insights, creativity, engineering, and marketing to create functional, user-friendly, beautiful, and marketable products and systems. By applying advanced product design techniques, material usage, production methods, and elements to enhance both business success and the well-being of people and the environment, our award-winning team brings over 40 years of expertise, ensuring a seamless path from concept to market success.

Hand holding a Heinz ketchup bottle upside down

Featured Work: Kraft Heinz

Bringing a beloved brand into the modern era demands a thoughtful, more sustainable redesign—and a deep understanding of why loyalists love it.

Service Design

Service design is evolving into ecosystem design, seamlessly integrating frontline staff, digital interfaces, and physical spaces into cohesive ecosystems. Through rigorous research and prototype testing, we uncover and refine customer and employee experiences for optimal results. Our brand and customer-centric, multidisciplinary approach ensures every aspect is considered, from strategy to execution, with comprehensive blueprints and playbooks to guide flawless implementation.

Person holding a mobile phone outwards showing a verification ID in the Citifyd app

Featured Work: Citifyd

A fully integrated seamless end-to-end parking ecosystem offers effortless mobility.

A great idea is just an idea until it meets the real world, and we’ve spent decades getting the last mile exactly right.

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Mechanical Engineering

You've got the idea, now let us do the rest. With four decades of expertise, Ziba specializes in transforming groundbreaking concepts into market-ready, award-winning products. Our innovative engineering ensures top-notch quality, cost-effectiveness, and a positive return on investment. We bring your vision to life.


Featured Work: RevMedX

A surprising innovation transforms the way medics handle bleeding on the battlefield.

Frontend Software Engineering

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, front-end development is the cornerstone of digital experiences. Ziba excels in crafting reliable, efficient, and engaging user experiences across industries. We specialize in translating digital interactions into clean code while capturing the intricacies of UX design, from connected spaces to websites and apps.

AdidasDreamWorks Animation SKGModo
Mockup of a desktop app for Dreamworks that shows a gallery of movies to choose from and search for

Featured Work: Dreamworks SKG

A single on-screen experience that replaces a pile of remotes.

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