Increasing your company’s value. That’s how we measure our own.

Ziba Patio

Ziba would have no success without our clients’ success.

We readily acknowledge that any success we’ve enjoyed has been the result of working with clients who view our relationship as a partnership. Clients who value creativity as a tangible business asset. They may appreciate the accolades, awards, and press coverage our collaborations often bring. Because they love to win. But winning for them means that their customers win. Which is why the focus of our creativity is always on the customer’s experience.

In Hee Baek

They’re terrific designers but it’s their ability to capture what your customer is about and then connect with them that’s really fascinating.

Homer Williams, Real-Estate DeveloperPDX SOUTH WATERFRONT

From the very beginning, we tried to be thoughtful about the mix of people who would make up the Ziba team. That means we look for people who bring a wide range of expertise, from different cultures and backgrounds. Anthropologists, strategists, engineers, developers, and, of course, designers. These varying perspectives and backgrounds provide a wide range of insights to solve even the most complex problems. It’s a bit more like casting than it is hiring. People who work at Ziba tend to be relentlessly curious, always questioning, always pushing, forever seeking out best practices in order to invent better ones. This requires confidence and humility, discipline and humanity, rigor and compassion.

Above all, we look for evidence of empathy. Because we’ve learned that empathetic people make better designers. They simply care more deeply about the experiences of their fellow human beings. If there’s a mantra that drives every person who works here, it’s, “Always do the right thing and always do it in the right way.” We find beauty in that ethos. And we hope you find it here, too.


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Our Purpose

Ziba exists to design authentic and meaningful experiences that are created at the intersection of a company’s brand, target consumer and organization within the context of time.


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