Relevance is beautiful

Beauty isn’t just a finely shaped object or pretty picture. It’s not just a clever turn of phrase, or even a world-changing invention. It is most certainly not perfection.

In fact, real Beauty is the one extraordinary element that changes everything; it’s a fulcrum that shifts us, our businesses, our cities, nations and the world itself in a new, better direction. It’s a way in. Beauty lifts us up, and then challenges us to go higher.

We can’t think of anything more beautiful than a soldier’s life saved because of a revolutionary new bandage, or the comeback of a beloved but forgotten maker of boomboxes and headphones, or a public servant who finally achieves financial stability because of a credit union with services designed to do precisely that.

At Ziba, we know that design isn’t beautiful in and of itself. It’s a tool through which we find beauty. Our tool. And we’ve mastered it in service of making our partners more successful financially and more relevant culturally.

Because that’s what’s really beautiful.