This has been happening for 35 years.

Since we launched iN 1984, Ziba has never beeN one of those flavor-of-the-month design firms.



This looking out, this invention, this resuscitation, this integration, this almost obsessive curiosity about everything, this love.

Thirty-five years of looking out and in and ahead, of inventing meaningful new products, and, on occasion, entirely new categories.

Thirty-five years of resuscitating once-iconic brands and restoring them to iconic status; of identifying each client’s unique and ownable brand promise and then bringing together the design disciplines necessary to solve the most complex and intractable problems.

Thirty-five years of clients returning to us over and over again because we solved those problems; of rapid prototyping and passionate pioneering; of gleaning invaluable lessons from our failures as well our successes, and of applying those learnings to reduce risk for our clients and increase their chance for success.

Spend an hour with us and you’re likely to get a sense for why so many of the world’s leading brands keep coming back to us with their latest business challenge.

We’re always questioning, always pushing, always reinventing, always looking for new ways to make our clients more beloved, more profitable, more valuable. That is, in fact, our value.

So, by all means, talk to us about your current business challenge. We’re a thirty-five year old start-up. And we’re hungry.