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How does a retail space put your brand values in the spotlight?


A redesigned retail space becomes a destination for fitness and wellness-seekers.


What happens when you combine a renowned holistic fitness brand with a bit of immersive retail theater? Answer: a global headquarters that’s part gallery, part workshop, part gym—and a magnet for fitness enthusiasts.
  • Challenge

    Reebok had moved away from their roots in personal fitness and into the overcrowded category of competitive sports, and came to Ziba looking for a new retail strategy. Together, we quickly realized that the way to recapture their audience was to refocus on Reebok’s core values, and let the fitness-seekers of the world know that this was the brand for them.

  • Solution

    Reebok’s original mission was fitness, rooted in community and lifestyle, not elite competition. That called for an accessible retail experience that exemplified their roots and modernized the brand. Accessible doesn’t mean boring though—quite the opposite, in fact. To attract attention and build excitement, the Ziba team used the idea of “retail as theater” to position Reebok’s HQ flagship store as a service- and lifestyle-oriented destination of choice. The result was an interactive, engaging, activating experience designed to leave employees and customers inspired and in awe.

  • Impact

    Just five months after inception, Reebok’s reinvigorated flagship store launched, to plenty of press buzz and consumer interest. The exciting yet welcoming space invited customers to try apparel on and try equipment out, right there in a gym-like setting, with plenty of community-oriented fitness events on the schedule as well. Within a few months, the store had doubled its revenue, and re-established Reebok as a unique, fitness-oriented brand.

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The Drydock concept includes several unique branded elements:

  • padded, open workout space for in-store tryout of apparel and gear
  • prominent community calendar for local fitness events
  • rapid customization of many products
  • integrated two-story gym for CrossFit, boxing, and studio classes
Increase in flagship store revenue

About Reebok

Reebok has been a formidable player in the world of athletic footwear and apparel since 1958.


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