Person using a tablet app for Dreamworks that allows the users to rate a list of movies

How do you design a single, simple interface to handle infinite choices?

A single on-screen experience that replaces a pile of remotes.

Too many remotes. Too many choices. Making sense of the madness required a solution that was simple, fun, and intuitive.

  • Hollywood heavyweights Dreamworks and Technicolor had a problem. They had plenty of high-quality content, but their consumers were getting overwhelmed by too many choices and too much complexity navigating them. It was 2011, and streaming media interfaces were still the Wild West. The technology that was supposed to simplify home entertainment had actually made things worse: multiple remotes + TV + tablet + computer + smartphone = chaos.

  • Drawing on an immersive research effort, the Ziba team developed and refined a single user interface that, for the first time, unified vast libraries of digital content from a variety of sources. The M-Go interface offered a home entertainment experience that was more intuitive, personalized, and enjoyable than anything else available. Developed in collaboration with a consortium of media partners, M-Go was a branded experience that worked seamlessly on any screen, letting users watch programming on all their devices, rather than sorting through a pile of remotes.

  • M-Go was unveiled at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and quickly dubbed “the Amazon of media.” Following its release, it was embraced by more than 1.5 million active users within the first two months.

  • Mockup of a tablet app that shows categories of movies, tv shows, specials, collections, and a library
  • Image
  • Several versions of a home page of the Dreamworks app showing various categories of media, movies, and tv shows

    Several versions of a home page of the Dreamworks app showing various categories of media, movies, and tv shows
The letter M placed above the word GO, with a play button in the middle of the letter O

"The Amazon of Media"

M-Go was among the first streaming media interfaces to gain widespread adoption—and became a critical favorite at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


Active users within the first 2 months

Founded in 1994, DreamWorks Pictures is an American film production company. Technicolor provides services and products for the communication, media and entertainment industries.

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