Hand holding a mobile phone with an image of a city skyline and the Citifyd logo

Could the right app mean never having to hunt for parking again?

A fully integrated seamless end-to-end parking ecosystem offers effortless mobility.

Citifyd is an effortless mobility ecosystem that makes finding parking as easy as pulling into your driveway. Or you could just keep circling the block.

  • Ziba Labs originally developed Citifyd as an app for event parking. And while it worked beautifully, the model put a hard ceiling on adoption growth. It needed a redesign in order to be relevant for everyday use in addition to special events.

  • The Ziba team developed an intuitive new front end user experience, and used AI and machine learning models to create a cutting-edge backend transaction system, that connects Citifyd with users, parking space owners, and mobility providers. The result is a fully integrated, seamless, end-to-end ecosystem that works for both commuters and special occasion trips.

  • Since its launch in 2016, Citifyd has been adopted in cities around the world, now serving as the official parking platform for several major event venues. The service’s modular structure also makes it customizable, able to work with other services and applications, adding unprecedented value for partners.

  • Person using the Citifyd dashboard on a laptop
  • Three mockups of the Citifyd mobile app showing parking times and a map
  • Mobile app mockup of a map in Citifyd and a desktop mockup of a business dashboard in Citifyd
Person holding a mobile phone outwards showing a verification ID in the Citifyd app

Citifyd launched in 2016 and has already been adopted globally.

With 73,000 active users, it is the official parking platform for eight major event venues, and several parking management companies.

Citifyd began as a project of Ziba Labs, and has gone on to become the most widely-used platform for peer-to-peer parking in the world.

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