Person pouring maple syrup from a small glass container onto a stack of pancakes on a white plate, all in front of a green background

Can a local favorite scale up without losing what makes it special?

New Seasons

Tell an authentic story, deliver on what you promise, and keep customers engaged.

New Seasons

After a round of new investment, New Seasons Market was getting ready for a period of sustained growth. To protect their investment, they needed to make sure expansion didn't lead the brand astray. Luckily, customers loved them just the way they were.
  • Challenge

    A private equity investment firm had acquired New Seasons, a beloved local grocery chain with a fervent following. They were eager to build on that success, but also aware of the potential pitfalls. Enter Ziba’s research, branding, and environments teams. It was our job to “nail” the DNA of the New Seasons brand and codify its values, so they could scale up efficiently, with 100% brand fidelity.

  • Solution

    The New Seasons shopping experience is local, artisanal, but also welcoming and a bit irreverent—just as its Pacific Northwest customers expected. Ziba went to work capturing that spirit in a revamped house brand, including visual identity, Partner Brand products, wayfinding, and dozens more elements. We also developed a complete strategy and story, to help new stores understand the local sourcing partnerships, the personality and the humor that define the brand.

  • Impact

    New Seasons’s “Partner Brand” launched successfully in 2017, and within a year the entire chain was experiencing double digit sales growth. They’ve since added 7 new locations, with every store quickly becoming a local favorite.

Several wrapped bars of chocolate made by New Seasons, including almond and sea salt, dark chocolate and mint, hazelnut, and toffee, placed at an angle on a green background

Double digit sales outpacing

CPG average growth and continued national expansion plans.

About New Seasons

Founded in 2000 as a store that sourced from local farmers, ranchers, and makers, New Seasons Market stores in Oregon and Northern California have always built community through good food.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Insights & Trends
  • Communication Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Service Design


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