Making retail magic

The Gear Case isn’t just a one-off, soon-to-be-obsolete fixture. It’s a durable, renewable platform for creating memorable retail experiences. Tracking analytics prove these experiences are adding up, with tens of thousands of total screen views and an average engagement time of two minutes. adidas recently announced plans to roll out dozens more Gear Cases around the world.

A platform that plays well with existing content.

Ziba’s expertise with physical and digital retail experiences culminated in an integrated solution that means more than just easy content upgrades. Durability and low equipment cost are also characteristic of the Gear Case. adidas needed the flexibility to update the kiosks quickly to showcase new products and initiatives.

New digital graphics and videos are simple to load; campaign collateral can be swapped out in seconds. adidas can make full use of media already being created for television or the web to enrich customer experience in-store, marrying real products with their digital alter egos.




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