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Can a regional bank redefine banking on a global scale?

A regional bank’s flagship branch becomes a top-to-bottom expression of its people-first brand promise.

CEO Ray Davis met resistance when he introduced the concept to his board of directors, so he guaranteed $15M in new deposits in the first year. Then upped it to $30M.

  • In 2006, Umpqua Bank was a small local bank with a big idea: create a retail banking experience that truly resonated with the communities where it operated. This vision became the soul of a new kind of bank, and it was Ziba’s job to translate that into a scalable customer experience that only Umpqua could own. Much of the insight that drove the Ziba team came straight from Umpqua’s leadership—they called themselves the World’s Greatest Bank, and they meant it. And they loved the people who banked with them.

  • Instead of branches, Umpqua has ‘stores’, that combine elements of a boutique hotel, high-end retail, and café to offer a unique experience. Ziba’s integrated service and environment design strategy reinforced this, with a training program modeled on the Ritz hotel chain, and spaces that encouraged visitors to relax, grab a (really good) cup of coffee, and browse the different financial products on display. In the evening, many Umpqua stores turn their space over to the community, for classes, performances, and exhibitions.

  • After opening their new flagship store, and rolling out the strategy region-wide, Umpqua’s growth skyrocketed from $2.9B to $12B in assets in just 5 years. Starting from 16 branches, Umpqua has grown to become the country’s largest regional bank, with 350 stores throughout the Pacific Northwest and California.

  • Interior of Umpqua Bank, featuring large banner images of a woman in a field, several lounge chairs, and bright colorful shelves with illustrations and products
  • Bright orange backlit shelves with books and pamphlets, with the words “your business suite” printed on an orange panel

    Bright orange backlit shelves with books and pamphlets, with the words “your business suite” printed on an orange panel
Stylized mural of a sunrise over a green field with yellow flowers and a blue river

$2.9B to $15B

asset growth

$15M to $30M

increased deposits

16 to 350


Umpqua Bank first opened its doors in a timber town in southern Oregon back in 1953, and has grown to become a global standard for top-to-bottom rebranding and people-first banking.

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