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How do you tell a brand story that unites hunters, hikers, and hipsters?

A quiet brand tells a universal story about its legendary products, and the people who love them.

Danner’s boots are virtually indestructible, but that’s only half the story. To connect with a growing potential market, they had to shift the focus from the product to the complete experience of owning them.

  • If you’re a long-distance hiker, backwoods hunter, construction worker, or veteran soldier, you may already know all about Danner. They make some of the world’s most durable, functional footwear—which happens to look great while working hard. Danner’s challenge was to build awareness to a broader audience beyond the Pacific Northwest through authentic brand marketing. They needed to find the single thread that united all users—even those who never got their boots dirty—and use that to build on the foundation of their existing brand.

  • Drawing on insights taken from consumer research and an in-depth review of the Danner brand, the Ziba team identified another side to Danner’s audience: a fiercely independent one that loves the outdoors, is intensely self-reliant, and never stops exploring. Danner’s story taps into classic American individualism, and resonates even if those boots never set foot on a mountain trail. So they defined a new strategic target: a pathfinder who takes their Danners on bold journeys down unconventional paths. The “Go There” campaign that Ziba devised features real people doing just that: a fearless outdoor photographer, a mountain rescue volunteer, a rural entrepreneur, even a professional mom and Stanford graduate who worked in public policy before returning home to take over the family ranch. Through videos, print, messaging, social media, and a complete website redesign, “Go There” redefined Danner to be less about the boot, and more about where it takes you.

  • The multi-channel campaign launched in 2019, and impacted practically every aspect of the Danner brand, from its written voice and a rebranded warranty, to a billboard campaign, to a book of personal stories and “Go There” images, sent by the boxful to Danner retailers across the country. Sales numbers steadily grew and brand recognition increased from coast to coast, not just in the Pacific Northwest. Now in its fourth year of iteration, Danner’s updated brand continues to show sustainable and strong growth with no signs of slowing down.

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I really appreciate that the Ziba team believes in our brand value and has taken care of us as a growth partner far beyond their responsibility.

From its headquarters and factory in Oregon, Danner has been crafting exceptional boots and footwear since 1932.

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