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Is it just a website? Or the start of a whole new digital strategy?

Modo Carts

A website that empowers customers to explore for themselves, while reshaping a company’s entire digital ecosystem

Modo Carts

Other medical device companies think about bending sheet metal; Modo thinks about saving lives. The right digital approach makes that difference clear.
  • Challenge

    Medical carts are a niche category, and for years it depended on personal connections at conferences and trade fairs. After a pandemic put all that on hold, Modo Carts saw an opportunity to redesign their website to bring that kind of personal connection online, and came to Ziba to help. But there’s a big underlying challenge: how do you get customers excited and engaged about a product they’d rather ignore?

  • Solution:

    The project hinged on tight collaborations, between Ziba and Moda’s internal team, and between copy, image, and user experience design. Together, the teams realized that Modo had an opportunity to transform how they engaged digitally with current and potential customers—not just through the website, but through video, social media, and email. This drove the creation of a richer but more streamlined site, where customers investigate Modo’s approach and design process on their terms, instead of just seeing a portfolio of past work.

  • Impact:

    The new is unlike anything else in the medical cart category. It leads with purpose—to support medical professionals and improve healthcare—then invites visitors to learn about Modo’s unique research, design, and build capabilities. By putting control in customers’ hands, the site supports repeated visits and random exploration, which research showed was the most common kind of engagement. The result is a shift from digital storefront to digital ecosystem, and the ability for customers to analyze Modo before they initiate contact, building trust and driving new business.

Medical device with a person in blue scrubs and white gloves walking behind it

By weaving email, social media and a new website into a digital ecosystem, Ziba moved Oregon to Europe. In just a few weeks, projects came in from Air Liquide, Medtronic and Olympus. Modo was designing for Israel, Japan, France and Ireland eight weeks after their new digital strategy was launched.

Bob Marchant, CEO

About Modo Carts

Modo Carts designs and builds the world’s most advanced, most capable carts for medical equipment and environments.


  • Digital Design & Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Communication Design

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