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Can a healthcare brand evolve for a consumer-first future?

A brand strategy, identity and name, that brings an established regional healthcare provider into a new service-oriented era.

Ziba’s work for Moda provides more than just a new name. It’s an integrated brand strategy that broadcasts what the company stands for.

  • Oregon Dental Services was an HMO and insurance provider with roots in the Pacific Northwest going back over 60 years. But in that time, they’d evolved far beyond their original identity, offering much more than dental insurance, in places far beyond Oregon. With the arrival of the Affordable Care Act, they realized it was time to create a new brand strategy to reflect their expansion, and to better connect with individual consumers.

  • Ziba’s research made it clear that people often saw HMOs as barriers to health care. So ODS’s new brand had to show they shared customers’ goals of better health, regardless of starting point. This began with a new name: Moda, meaning“the way”. Along with a new visual identity, it presents a resilient, future-oriented brand—a guide who partners with you to navigate unfamiliar landscapes. To activate the brand internally, Ziba created an employee guidebook and a “Be Better” manifesto outlining its goals. We also ran sessions with Moda employees to convey implications of the strategy that went deeper than just a new identity, and led training to help them adopt a more service-oriented approach.

  • From guidebook and logo to signage and a new website, every Moda touchpoint utilizes graphics and imagery that emphasize foresight, clarity and vision. Tactical applications for the new brand—in marketing, advertising and sponsorships—includes a ten-year partnership with Portland’s Rose Garden, home of the NBA Trail Blazers. Now called the Moda Center, the beloved arena features a new Ziba-designed logo.

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Our identity helps us tell the powerful and compelling story that we are a new kind of health company, one bridging the value gap, reaching out to patients, to healthcare organizations and to employers... throughout the communities we serve.

Moda Health (originally ODS) is one of the leading providers of healthcare and health insurance in the Pacific Northwest, having served the region for over 60 years.

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