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How do you turn fitness into an everyday adventure?

A completely redesigned fitness app that does a lot more than just track performance.

What began as a naming assignment became a new approach, which became a digital product...and then a revolutionary way to experience the joy of sport.

  • Adidas came to Ziba looking for a new name for miCoach, their existing fitness app. Aimed at soccer coaches and hardcore players, miCoach was a great training and tracking app, but Adidas knew its potential reach was far greater. Research showed that women were twice as likely as men to use fitness apps regularly, and tended to engage with their features and community far more often. So the Ziba team identified a target group—women aged 25-35 that we dubbed “Adventurous Creators”—and started asking questions about their needs, and how Adidas could meet them. After several rapid rounds of research and design, we arrived at a simple yet profound hypothesis: sport and fitness, at its core, is a form of elevated play.

  • We set about redefining the experience of using the app, with a focus on encouraging play and a more holistic approach towards fitness and wellness. Instead of acting like a coach, the app would be more like a partner, monitoring progress but also introducing new ideas and activities daily. The goal was wellness as a customized adventure, supported by a fitness-oriented community that was there for you all day, every day—hence the app’s new name: Adidas ALL DAY. It’s an integrated digital platform that inspires, organizes and advocates, while encouraging discovery and community. And of course, it tracks the user’s progress, including sleep, steps, calories, gym sessions, and spin classes, providing a complete picture of their fitness journey, not just the results.

  • The Adidas All Day app establishes an emotional connection with users, through custom-selected music, robust community features, and the ability to engage in quick, guided sessions from yoga instructors, wellness chefs, and fitness trainers. This sense of exploration and play is best demonstrated through the app’s “discoveries” feature, which pops up brief challenges that introduce users to new activities, keeping them inspired and challenged, no matter what their personal fitness goals. Launched in 2017, All Day was quickly embraced by a wide range of fitness enthusiasts, and went on to inform many of the community-oriented features of the current generation of Adidas Training and Running apps.

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I think it’s all about the relationship with the brand...Out of that comes sales, but that’s the outcome when our focus is on that relationship and serving up things that are valuable and inspiring, and help people be more active.

Adidas designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world.

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