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Quantum Clarity

Quantum Clarity: Future of Value

Sabrina Jetton, Senior Creative Director2 min read

People have shifted dramatically on what values matter most. The future of new value creation will be dominated by players open to harnessing people power, disruptive business models, and new exchange systems that enable consumers to realign their sense of value with their choices and behaviors.

New models of value are emerging out of necessity. Isolated and shaken in uncertain times, consumers long to realign their sense of value from carefree consumerism to values-based indulgence. Out of survival instinct they now expect exponential value beyond mere monetary returns: not did I get $1 worth of financial value for $1 spent? But did I get everything that really matters to me for that $1 spent? New models of value creation will generate game-changing propositions that redefine the landscape of business and innovation through the coming months, next decade and beyond.

Savvy consumers who feel a lack of control will seek to reestablish control by acting on their desire to outsmart old rules and systems of monetary value, and secure a new kind of value in line with their changing perspectives.

Exponential Value Equation

Resilient players in every industry are recognizing that new value creation and compounding value equate to higher perceived value, build consumer loyalty, and drive sustained adoption. To maximize growth opportunities, dominant players in every industry engage in new value equations by activating people-centered reward systems, new bartering and currency exchanges, and redefining good business as disruptive business.

Leaders are adapting their offerings to create value that can be stored up and accrued in order to win with consumers whose values are shifting.

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