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Future of Play

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New models of engagement are emerging in response to the seriousness of the world, to social upheaval, to boredom, and to the fact that it seems like no one can focus these days.

Chronic distraction crowds the brain and fills the mind with noise, and relationships suffer as people turn inward and swing between emotional numbness and overdrive. Brands have a social obligation to lead: to step up, step into people’s lives, and identify new and healthy ways to engage. Behavioral science confirms the healing power of play and play’s capacity to restore focus. When brands gamify GOOD things into their offerings that do GOOD for people, they add value and rekindle the thrill of consumption in order to win the attention war and build fierce loyalty.

Consumers feel more and more distracted and isolated amidst our changing world -- aware enough to realize that their digital addictions are rewiring their brains in unhealthy ways — but too numb, destabilized, and bombarded to take action and re-engage in real, meaningful ways.

The ROI of Play

Smart, connected brands with a finger on the pulse of their consumers are recognizing the value of engaging people in deeper conversations in order to build strong, lasting relationships. Their track records shows that loyal, repeat consumers are overwhelmingly more profitable for business, especially in today’s digitally connected, social media driven world, as loyal consumers do much more for a brand than purely generate revenue on purchases.

Increasing consumer retention by just 5% can increase profits by up to 95%.*

Products, services, and experiences intentionally designed using the science of game mechanics and behavioral psychology contain the experiential building blocks necessary to engage consumers over time. The innovative application of game mechanics to experience design gives brands an innovative new way to invite consumers, as players, into pleasurable experiences designed to delight and sustain desire.

When building relationships through play, brands have the opportunity to play three gamified roles: PLAYMATE, PLAYMAKER and PROVOCATEUR. Responsible brands use savvy play in ways that do GOOD, helping consumers rewire their brains in positive ways and supporting the healthy habit-forming behaviors that drive growth, loyalty and sustained engagement.

*Source: Harvard Business Review

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