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Future of Platforms

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New models of engagement are emerging in response to the shifting nature of our world.

Consumers take advantage of learning platforms as everyday tools to live better, more connected lives with less and less effort. The next generation of multi-tiered platforms will displace stale economic models, activating the vibrant economies of the future. Brands that identify and leverage their role in these new platform ecosystems in the decade ahead will play their part in moving the world beyond a fragmented marketplace to a more interconnected and thriving future.

Consumers living in an interconnected and modern world expect effortless access and resent anything that makes them feel restricted or ignored. Eager to feel uplifted, they are willing to try new things that restore the sense of being special and adored.

Love Layers

Smart brands engage consumers in new love stories through platform ecosystems that know and connect them. Learning Platforms build loyalty and sustain engagement through easy access to an ecosystem and to a layered structure of offerings that makes it easier to get things done, find what you want, and customize the right tool for the job.

Smart brands actively step into the role that they chose to play in the platform economy, asking, “Are we an orchestrator, partner, contributor or something entirely new?” And since synergy is the power of the platform, the choice of who to stand against and who to stand with may be a brand’s most critical move.

These platform-enabled ecosystems will continue to evolve markets and transform value chains over the next decade and will blur traditional sector boundaries as they drive new levels of consumer delight.

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