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Quantum Clarity

Quantum Clarity: Future of Consumption

Sabrina Jetton, Senior Creative Director2 min read

People favor microfied experiences as attention spans continue to decline. The future of demand creation will be dominated by players who increasingly harness the power of micro-habits and simple rituals to further fragment the mass market and enable consumers’ new consumption behaviors.

New models of responsible consumption are emerging on a global scale. Inundated and overwhelmed by the media and the stress of everyday life in 2020, consumers, out of necessity, begin to appreciate and find delight in the small things: micro-sized products, services and experiences, simple rituals, and healthy little everyday habits that fuel those good-for-you addictions that we all long for. New models of micro-consumption will generate game-changing conversations that redefine abundance and innovation through 2030 and beyond.

Consumers feel more and more tension, stress, and confusion as they live in an overabundant world filled with waste. They’re aware enough to realize that they’re part of the growing problem, yet don’t have the means, time, energy, or ability to do anything about it.

Crossing the Chasm

Dominant players in every industry are crossing the chasm from traditional, wasteful consumption models to engage new models of sustainable consumption (abundance without waste). In order to cross the chasm, disciplined organizations harness the power of (1) subtraction and microfication; (2) habit formation; and (3) curating new micro-rituals that capture the hearts and minds of consumers.

Further Perspectives