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Quantum Clarity

Quantum Clarity: Future of Community

Sabrina Jetton, Senior Creative Director2 min read

Having a sense of community unites us and being a part of community can make us feel like we are part of something greater than ourselves.

Beyond connectivity and belonging, community also has a more practical function as a validation tool. Across communities large and small, groups of humans come together and recognize patterns—those patterns establish an authentic, shared source of truth. New, self-organizing models of micro-communities are establishing the foundation for what will be good, true, and trusted in the decade ahead.

Consumers are eager for a remedy to digital isolation. Looking for any excuse to step into those casual everyday engagements that were once a staple of the human connection.

Nano Networks

Today’s communities are self-organizing into networks of micro-cultures. These smaller groups become more valuable faster because of their influence, interconnectedness, and trust. Smart brands embrace these new decentralized networks to monetize, mobilize and co-create with fan communities and expand their reach. The challenge many brands face is how to move at the speed of these micro-communities and engage in the serendipity necessary to be a part of their everyday world.

Forward-thinking brands are asking what role they might play as they activate new initiatives for community-building. Rather than starting from scratch, savvy brands can support existing communities and their micro-influencers to become valued participants and instigators of engagement.

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