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How do mixtape moms connect with iPod kids?

A line of durable, portable, fun-to-use audio products, custom designed for family listening.

Family listening is about making and preserving memories—whether that’s sharing a favorite song or story, or just rocking out.

  • In 2006, data storage giant Imation acquired Memorex, a once-beloved brand with 50 years of heritage. But the kids who made Memorex mixtapes in the 80s and 90s had grown up and had kids of their own—and most audio electronics still don’t serve families very well. Brushed metal, gloss black finishes and overtly technical interfaces still focus on a specialized, male-dominated market, and this gave Imation an opportunity. They approached Ziba in 2009 to help transform a part of the Memorex offering into something that would serve the needs of a modern family.

  • A new, family-oriented line for Memorex would have to solve several problems at once. It needed to be durable enough for rough handling, intuitive enough that kids could use it, and portable enough to get it off the pedestal and into the chaos of family life. Given the cost of raising kids, a low price point wouldn't hurt either. Ziba responded with a line of audio products that share a calm, modern appearance, a bit of play and some thoughtful, family-friendly details. And the interface is simple enough for kids, but doesn’t make parents feel like they’re using a toy.

  • The new Memorex family included six products: the PartyCube, PartyCube with CD player, TagAlong, PurePlay and two iPod-enabled clock radios. Introduced in 2011, these products quickly drew significant media attention, bringing new energy into a long-established brand, and sparking new sales for the Family line and for the entire Memorex brand. The halo effect they created ultimately sparked a 17% increase in overall sales for Memorex products.

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increase in overall sales for the Memorex products

Memorex was one of the leading manufacturers of cassette tapes and other storage media in the 80s and 90s, and was acquired by Imation in 2006.

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