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Future of Home: Primal Tranquility

Sabrina Jetton, Senior Creative Director1 min read

Consumers, feeling depleted and isolated, find themselves in serious need of basic comfort; escapism isn’t the answer.

Consumers are not looking to be comforted, but to be empowered to find what comfort is to them. They are drawn to brands that enter into their lives to help them take action, enable them to soothe and regenerate, and give them permission to find those things that are a source of joy and comfort.

The Opportunity: Self-Enabling Experiences

Brands that refuel drained consumers with supportive, close engagement and authentic experiences assure them that their needs are valued, their urges are good, and their desires are worth pursuing.

Brand experiences that offer guided discovery enable consumers to engage on their own terms and take their own path. Retention and loyalty are built when brands engage consumers through trust-building actions and plain, simple, and bold communication.

Enabler brands that are lead by purpose and stand for something serve as critical anchors to consumers in the world.

The next decade of consumer loyalty will be built by confident, honest and open enabler brands who engage in the kinds of real and authentic conversations that empower consumers to find comfort and joy.

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The Wing

Primal sisterhood enables close engagement between women who gather, support, and grow together around the globe.

Image: Moon JuiceImage: Moon Juice

Moon Juice

Direct, plain-spoken conversations about adaptogenic concoctions spark
honest conversations, comfort and joy.

Moon Juice