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Future of Play: Play Nice

Sabrina Jetton, Senior Creative Director2 min read

Play is the perfect vehicle for consumers to explore new forms of social engagement and learn about themselves.

It invites people to focus on being human again: getting involved in each other’s lives, showing a little more kindness, and bringing back more good karma. Play opens up opportunities for brands to be welcomed into consumers’ lives, and has the advantage of increasing consumer retention. Brands that step into this opportunity with a playmate mindset will engage even more deeply with consumers, helping them to focus on enjoying life and incentivizing everyone to play nice.

The Opportunity: Become a Playmate

Play-based experiences can help consumers re-train their brains to seek out opportunities for kindness and empathy. When consumer engagements are designed with this game-based intention in mind, brands become an important catalyst for good in the world.

Playmate-inspired experiences support choice, empowerment, and social status associated with engagement actions. They create the rules and rewards necessary to guide and encourage positive action. The secret to successful karma-inducing game play is giving people ‘choice.’ Not all options must be good, but there is simply more reward and acknowledgement associated with those that are. Choice enables positive repeated actions that more deeply rewire the brain to seek out more good in the world. Do business with kindness and you’ll get 10x performance. By giving more, you get more in business.*

Even small acts of kindness create emotional warmth by releasing the hormone oxytocin, promoting feelings of love, social bonding and well-being.

*source: Medium

Image: Kind SnacksImage: Kind Snacks

Kind Snacks

Kindness pollinator brand kindles conversations about kindness, courage, and comfort zones through video contests that offer charitable contributions as rewards.

Kind Snacks

Image: School of LifeImage: School of Life

The School of Life

Wiser playmate plays school with you and imparts their life smarts so you,
too, can build healthy relationships and live your best life.

The School of Life