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Future of Platforms: Matchmakers

Sabrina Jetton, Senior Creative Director2 min read

Consumers are fickle, but they’re eager to find a match.

They want to be entertained and empowered without expending precious energy searching, sorting, conversing, and choosing. People fall in love with ecosystems that aggregate experiences into meaningful engagements that proactively create environments where symbiotic relationships can flourish.

The Opportunity: Sustained Love

Matchmakers work to create platforms driven by interdependencies between people and functions. Brands who build and/or participate in matchmaking platforms of the future will understand the value of working to sustain the heightened engagement necessary to build true loyalty and delight.

These relationship-focused, continually-evolving platforms must accomplish the task of bringing brands together in order to thrive. This coming together requires brands to be willing to relinquish control. Whether this relinquished control is to its own users or partner companies, becoming a part of a dynamic ecosystem requires a willingness to collaborate.

Brand success in platform relationships derives from a clear realization that the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts because interdependency is a critical component for resilience and growth. Matchmaker platforms exist to connect people who “have” with people who “need” while continually delighting both parties. Smart brands look for more opportunities and ways to step into interdependent relationships on these platforms.

The next decade of consumer experience will be defined by confident brands willing to partner in creating new economic paradigms where platforms enable consumers and brands in all roles to work together for continued consumer delight.

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