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Future of Platforms: Soulmate

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People achieve new levels of brilliance and insight when engaged and enabled collectively through platforms, sensors and machine learning.

They can often see what matters most to them as individuals. However, they discover that their subjective and personal worldview broadens when informed by macro-insights. Consumers are drawn to brands that enable them to adopt wider perspectives that make everyday life better for everyone.

The Opportunity: Depth

Influencer brands connect with people at a deeper, more soulful level, using their sensing capabilities in ethical and transparent ways, going beyond the obvious to offer deeper insights and richer stories.

Micro-sensing, listening, curious, and captivating platforms help brands understand that there are many roles they can play in these meaning-making ecosystems to help consumers see things more broadly and open their minds to new opportunities.

Successful brands use ongoing analytics and data visualization to give consumers a new feeling of control over their lives and environments, which they can now evaluate and respond to in a broader context.

The next decade will be dominated by platform ecosystems that connect people at a deeper, more soulful level to create a meaning-filled, brilliant new future.

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Improves driving conditions by making individual data meaningful to the vehicle owner and the broader driving community in their proximity.

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Baby Cubes

Makes everyday life better as smart desktop sensors connected to environmental platforms give employees a new level of control over their personal workspace, their mood, and their overall wellbeing.

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