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Project Date:
December 1, 2013

Go All In

Digital-savvy shopper

Interactive in-store media


In-store, done better.
adidas may be a sporting goods retailer, but their messaging problem is universal. The reality of retail means multiple brands, dozens of products, and hundreds of visual messages, with little at hand to set them apart. Evolution in digital communication has become a factor in-store, but success cutting through all the noise has been limited, hampered by the fact that the display is here, while the product is there. Consumer’s expectations have been heightened by the quality of the multimedia brand experiences available on their home computers, and the pressure is on brick and mortar retail simply to keep up. The remedy is to make the most of people’s presence: do something in-store that a PC can’t do. 

Aside from winning the in-store attention arms race, adidas wanted more ‘bang for buck’ out of digital content they were already producing for the 2014 World Cup. When they asked Ziba to design a multimedia solution for dedicated shop-in-shop retail environments, there was no interest in simply serving up another screen. Using existing video and graphics for Battle Pack cleats, Ziba’s designers delivered an entirely new interactive shopping experience. Then the Gear Case comes to life whenever someone walks by, making rich stories and real technical achievements visible on the product itself, so adidas narratives stick. Static or digital retail graphic treatments simply can’t compete with its fully interactive graphics, video and sound. 

The Gear Case is durable, easy to set up, and designed to allow quick refreshment with new products, graphics, and digital content.

Breakthrough retail interaction.
The Gear Case houses a large transparent touchscreen, which appears opaque at first, aglow with teaser graphics. As you approach, the timer magically disappears, and animations and video swarm to life. As you reach out and touch it, half the screen instantly clears in response, and the shoes inside pop into view, brilliantly lit. On-screen hotspots highlight specific features with moving imagery and descriptive details in response to your input, allowing interaction with the actual product, but in an almost magical way. 

Campaign-specific artwork covers the back wall, which is overlaid with digital content, making for an even more immersive interaction. The Gear Case is a storytelling platform for retail environments, adding richness to in-store shopping while keeping attention focused on the actual product. Result: a groundbreaking digital experience.

A different sort of screen.
The basic challenge was getting shoppers’ attention, so the Gear Case is sensitive to its environment, and the display reacts in real time as someone approaches it. Teaser graphics draw people in, revealing glimpses of the shoe behind the countdown clock screen, and encouraging hands-on exploration of technical features and video content.  

Beyond just capturing attention, technology destined for a retail environment must also contend with issues of scale. It’s one thing to create interactive displays for a few flagship locations, with dedicated support staff; it’s quite another to design something that can be replicated hundreds of times, boot flawlessly every day, and still be field serviceable. The Gear Case is tough, easy to use, and self-explanatory, none of which are common traits in affordable high-tech. There’s only one step to get it up and running: just plug it in. People are drawn like iron filings to a magnet, and can’t keep their hands off it. 

Success: A new platform that plays well with existing content.
Ziba’s expertise with the both the physical and digital qualities of the Gear Case allowed durability, low equipment cost, and easy content refreshment to be baked in. adidas needed the ability to quickly update the kiosk for new products and initiatives, and the Gear Case provides easy flexibility for both hardware and software upgrades. New digital graphics and videos are simple to load; campaign collateral can be sized to swap out backgrounds in seconds. adidas can make full use of media already being created for television or the web to enrich customer experience in-store, marrying real products with their digital alter egos. 

The Gear Case isn’t just a one-off, soon-to-be-obsolete trinket. It’s an entirely renewable system for creating memorable retail experiences. Tracking analytics powered by off-the-shelf software prove those experiences are adding up, with tens of thousands of total screen views, and an average engagement time of two minutes. adidas recently announced plans to roll out dozens more Gear Cases around the world.