Make them love you.

We’re a design and innovation consultancy; a team of designers, strategists, thinkers and makers with a passion for solving problems
by understanding people. We create experiences people love.

Make it meaningful
and authentic.

People adopt what’s meaningful to them. That’s why great innovation starts with understanding your customers’ needs and desires, and the trends and technology that affect their lives.

A brand, like a friend, earns trust by staying true to its values and beliefs. There are a thousand ways to deliver a brand experience, but only one that’s honest. Find it, and you’ll earn the loyalty of consumers too.

Make it integrated.

A customer’s experience is shaped by every product, service and message you offer, and each one is a chance to serve their needs and build trust. 

Delivering your promise to customers through every touchpoint, in the way that’s right for them, makes for a loyal and happy customer. We work with you to make sure that experience isn’t just consistent, but seamless.

Make it real.

We’ve been sweating out the details for 28 years, making sure that every part of your brand is experienced exactly the way it’s meant to, whether it’s a service, a product, an environment or a digital interaction. 

It’s important to have ideas, but the world is full of great ones that die in implementation. 

That’s why we believe in making.


Define what it is.

Definition, language, guidelines, identity and naming.

Research, trends and insights.

Product and service.


Bring it to life.

Industrial design, engineering and product design language.

Service design.

User experience, software design, digital environments and design language.

Messaging, graphic design and collateral.

Retail and service environments, exhibition design and point of purchase.

Structure, graphics and out-of-box experience.

Our Clients Include

General Electric

Holiday Inn
Hewlett Packard
Johnson & Johnson

Philips Respironics
Procter & Gamble

Texas Instruments
Umpqua Bank
Welch Allyn

Spoken Languages 
Fields of Expertise 


Interior Architects

Brand Specialists

Interaction Designers

Cognitive Scientists

Industrial Designers

Color Specialists


Trend Researchers

Communication Designers

Design Strategists

Social Scientists

Environment Designers

Digital Artists

Information Architects

frederick-butzer's picture

Frederick Butzer

Team Lead, Accounting

Aesthetic philosopher

Hiker, Movie watcher

Former pizza cook

matthew-baranauskas's picture

Matthew Baranauskas

Interaction Designer

Tool designer for the disabled

Sketcher Observer

milt-halsted's picture

Milt Halsted

New Business, San Diego

Professional Storyteller

Scratchy Golfer

Collie Enthusiast

goro-asanuma's picture

Goro Asanuma

Creative Director, Tokyo

Former product designer

Happy drinker

mick-glenn's picture

Mick Glenn

Environment Design

Director Construction detailing

Novice triathlete

Former eco-design researcher

Speaks Aussie 'Yobo' speak

angela-sun's picture

Angela Sun

Art Director

Industrial designer

Obnoxious curve tweaker

Motorcycle enthusiast

Former medical lab nerd

Speaks Mandarin, Cantonese

adam-tahar's picture

Adam Tahar

Marketing & Media Production, San Diego


Song Writer

Movie Buff

junko-kitazawa's picture

Junko Kitazawa

Program Manager

Exercise/Jogging Freak


Former Graphic Designer

Speaks Japanese, English

derrick-mead's picture

Derrick Mead


Design Decoder

Reluctant Urbanite

4th Generation Orchardist

Speaks Culinary French

lee-croy's picture

Lee Croy

Industrial Designer

Consumer Empathy Advocate

Technology Titan

Former Retail Buyer

Speaks 128 bpm

jim-dorenkamp's picture

Jim Dorenkamp

Mechanical Engineer

Solution Finder

Dragon Boater

Gumbo Specialist

Former Bridge Builder

pengfei-li's picture

Pengfei Li

Industrial Designer, Munich

Observer of user behavior 

Basketball player

French macaroon fanatic

Speaks Chinese & French

takashi-yamauchi's picture

Takashi Yamauchi

Designer, Tokyo

Movie & comic enthusiast

steve-lee's picture

Steve Lee

Service Designer

Design generalist

Bizarre accident magnet

Former cycle tinkerer

sara-berggren's picture

Sara Berggren

Client Relations

Consumer product expert

Sudoku fiend

Former PR / marketer

Speaks Swedish, Spanish, German

tomohiko-hirata's picture

Tomohiko Hirata

Principal, Tokyo

Former product designer

Harley Davidson lover

tomomi-noguchi's picture

Tomomi Noguchi

Designer, Tokyo

Confectionery maker

wibke-fleischer's picture

Wibke Fleischer

Creative Director

Opportunity Space Spotter

Former Trend Scout

Speaks German

john-vieira's picture

John Vieira

Senior Copywriter

Broadcast journalist

Social Scientist

Veggie burger connoisseur

Speaks mediocre Spanish

ayelet-katz's picture

Ayelet Katz

Marketing Program Manager

Yoga instructor

Wild foods forager

Geography nerd

Speaks Hebrew

tom-kishel's picture

Tom Kishel

Information Technologist

Live Music Enthusiast

Ultimate Frisbee Player

Fort Builder

ted-helprin's picture

Ted Helprin

Client Relations

Information design fan


Former salamander counter

Speaks Spanish

janelle-greig's picture

Janelle Greig

Operations, San Diego

Crossfit Lover, Sims Guru

Forensic Psych Nerd

Former Horse Trainer

ken-dieringer's picture

Ken Dieringer

Engineering & Technical Services

Model maker

Former pipe organ craftsman

christi-stahl's picture

Christi Stahl

Managing Director

Interactive marketing

pro Hiker, jogger, camper

Former truck cab builder

paul-petri's picture

Paul Petri

Model Maker

Motorcycle designer/builder

Short story fiction writer

Former Army Special Forces Speaks Polish, German

dave-knaub's picture

Dave Knaub


Material specialist

Symphonic contrabassist

Former teacher

Speaks Spanish

erik_falat's picture

Erik Falat

Kinetic Designer

Pixel pusher

Bass player

Former sailing instructor

Speaks Dothraki

cale-thompson's picture

Cale Thompson

Creative Director

Reformed expat

Former industrial designer

Speaks Spanish

molly-mcglynn's picture

Molly McGlynn

Brand Strategist


Opera fan

Fashion devotee

Former hockey skate lacer

chelsea-vandiver's picture

Chelsea Vandiver

Executive Managing Director,


Brand specialist

Team alchemist

Fiber artist

Former camp counselor

amin-zahiry's picture

Amin Zahiry

Communication Designer

Packaging designer

Avid basketball player

Former lemonade tycoon

Speaks Farsi

jan-barth's picture

Jan Barth

Interaction Designer

UI Sketcher, Thinker

Music Visualizer

Speaks German

mike-schwoebel's picture

Mike Schwoebel

Senior Art Director

Cohesiveness builder

Sporadic runner

Amateur wood worker

raffaele-mazzei's picture

Raffaele Mazzei

Principal, San Diego

Industrial designer

German-Italian perfectionist*

Rides a red, Italian noisemaker on 2 wheels

Speaks German, some Italian

*that exists, right?!

jessica-brandt's picture

Jessica Brandt

Accounting Associate

Spreadsheet wiz

Wedding planner hobbyist

Former Marine

sohrab-vossoughi's picture

Sohrab Vossoughi

Ziba Founder & President

Inventor, Engineer Designer, Maker

Lifelong entrepreneur 

Speaks Persian

darin-dougherty's picture

Darin Dougherty

Sr. Environment Designer

Listener, Brand Evangelist Runner, Craft Beer Consumer

Semi-Pro iPhonographer

Former Licensed Architect

caitlin-balch's picture

Caitlin Balch

Administrative Assistant

Type A mulit-tasker

Pinterest addict

Former CBS New York Intern

Speaks American Sign Language

felix-ballerstedt's picture

Felix Ballerstedt

Principal Industrial Designer

Wind energy believer


Adoring father of 3

Speaks German

manuel-perez-prada's picture

Manuel Perez Prada

Creative Director, Munich

UX/ID Designer

Avid photographer

Ebay maniac

Speaks German

andreas-daoutis's picture

Andreas Daoutis
Kinetic Designer, Munich
Application wizard
Scooter driver
Playstation lover
Speaks Java

noah-dijulio's picture

Noah DiJulio

Interaction Designer

Font fanatic

Lazy environmentalist

Rain dodger

Former industrial designer

Speaks Spanish

tsubasa-tanaka's picture

Tsubasa Tanaka

Designer, Tokyo

Soccer player

Packaging fanatic

Art and photography lover

eunggyu-lee's picture

Eunggyu Lee

UX/ID Designer, Munich

Creative diplomat

Contagious laugher

Fashion aficionado

Speaks Korean

suzanne-schechtman's picture

Suzanne Schechtman

Design Researcher, San Diego

People Watcher U

ltimate Frisbee Enthusiast

Former School Facility Planner

aura-aragon-ball's picture

Aura Aragon-Ball

Communication Design Director

Typography/color specialist

Guacamole connoisseur

Speaks Spanish

ryan-fiorentino's picture

Ryan Fiorentino


Relevancy catalyst

Experience farmer

Former student of risk


greg-martin's picture

Greg Martin

Principal Interaction Designer

Digital illustrator

Motion designer

Natural science photographer

Speaks Geek

daniel-kim's picture

Daniel Kim

Industrial Designer, San Diego

MMA (mixed martial arts) fan

BBQ & pizza lover

Speaks some Korean

fabian-schroeder's picture

Fabian Schroeder

Industrial Designer, San Diego

At home near the ocean

Chocolate addict

Speaks German

kamilah-dove's picture

Kamilah Dove

Communication Designer

Brand identity zealot

Tech gadget explorer

AKA Sorority, Inc. member

Former Bucks team attendant

todd-greco's picture

Todd Greco

Kinetic Designer

Prototyper Midnight coder

Electronic musician

Former nightclub/scratch DJ

Speaks with robots

niki-diamond's picture

Niki Diamond

Client Relations

Organizer extraordinaire

Vintage collector

Former ski resort rep

Speaks German, French

darryl-james's picture

Darryl James

Consumer Insights & Trends

Photographer, Anthropologist

Armchair Neuroscientist

Ice Skating Speed Demon

Former Pro. Chicken-Catcher

ichiang-sun's picture

Ichiang Sun

Principal Industrial Designer

Master sketcher

Former bike mechanic

Speaks Chinese, Taiwanese

rob-wees's picture

Rob Wees

Communication Designer

Jazz enthusiast

Budding chef

Former music camp counselor

chunshik-kim's picture

Chunshik Kim

Industrial Designer

Master of detail

World traveler, Outdoorsman

Former tie wearing designer

Speaks Korean

hideshi-hamaguchi's picture

Hideshi Hamaguchi

Group Managing

Director Master of framing

Design chemist

Karate apprentice

Speaks Japanese, Doglish

seonmee-kong's picture

Seonmee Kong

Visual Interaction Designer

Energizer, Interpreter

World Traveler, Dreamer

Speaks German, Korean

sahar-azghandi's picture

Sahar Azghandi

Executive Managing Director, Munich

Human encyclopedia

Stiletto aficionado

Former piano teacher

Speaks five languages

stefanie-langvogt's picture

Stefanie Langvogt

Communication Designer, Munich

Avid surfer

Avocado lover

Design research enthusiast

World explorer

bessy-liang's picture

Bessy Liang

Industrial Designer

Portlandia Newbie

Former Marching Band

Flutist Speaks Mandarin, Cantonese

megan-burnett's picture

Megan Burnett

Client Relations

Problem solver extraordinaire

Cupcake decorator

Former stationery designer

Speaks French

rodrigo-moyses's picture

Rodrigo Moysés

Client Relations

Interactive marketing expert

Avid soccer fan

Former web developer

Speaks Portuguese, Spanish, Brazilian sign language

chris-frost's picture

Chris Frost

Client Relations

Solver of ‘unique’ problems

Star Trek fan

Former fencing instructor

ingrid-grutter's picture

Ingrid Grutter


Cookie baker extraordinaire


Former equipment operator

Speaks Spanish

patty-willert's picture

Patty Willert

Creative Talent

Scout Investigator, instigator Agitator, mitigator, facilitator

Krav Maga practitioner

Former Coraline talent scout

argion-dadulla's picture

Argion Jecca Dadulla

IT Administrator

Application developer

Civil engineer

Stamp collector

Speaks Tagalog

mattias-segerholt's picture

Mattias Segerholt

Brand Strategist

Brand specialist

Semiotics expert

Portrait photographer

Speaks Swedish

hikaru-taayama's picture

Hikaru Taayama

Designer, Tokyo

Philosophy & metaphysics nerd

Video game fan

haruko-ozawa's picture

Haruko Ozawa

Designer, Tokyo

Former public office employee

Wondering shutter bug

Speaks German

oliver-lang's picture

Oliver Lang

Executive Creative Director, Munich

UX/ID Designer

Neat freak

Professional pen rotator

Speaks German and Bavarian

malcolm-lee's picture

Malcolm Lee

Senior Environment Designer

Spatial Sequencer

Budding Ceramicist

Former Architectural

Designer Speaks French

emily-kahn's picture

Emily Kahn

Client Relations

Multi-tasker, Collaborator

Podcast fanatic

Former banana stand worker

molly-ackerman-brimberg's picture

Molly Ackerman-Brimberg

Consumer Insights & Trends

Design explorer

Pictionary champion

Former footwear designer

Speaks German

jessica-wallace's picture

Jessica Wallace

Environment Designer

Collector of Pens

Closet Artist

Amateur Architecture Critic

Believes every city has a pulse

jenn-manley-lee's picture

Jenn Manley Lee

Production Designer

Comic book artist

Storyboard artist

Book designer

rachel-thai's picture

Rachel Thai

Communication Designer

Keynote Master


National Park Explorer

Former Sandwich Artist

jan-wagner's picture

Jan Wagner

Industrial Designer, Munich

Human makerbot

Deep-water diver

Black belt in martial arts

maria-lalli's picture

Maria Lalli

Industrial Designer

Sustainability advocate



Former hardware store clerk

Speaks Italian

sean-madden's picture

Sean Madden

Executive Managing Director

Advocate Interaction designer


Social butterfly

Former magician's assistant

andrea-liebhäuser's picture

Andrea Liebhäuser

Communication Designer, Munich

Former Museology student

Volleyball player

Cat lover

Younger twin

henry-chin's picture

Henry Chin

Group Managing Director

Packaging designer

Designer for women


Speaks limited Cantonese

michael-etter's picture

Michael Etter

Communication Designer

Non-profit entrepreneur


Former teacher

hozefa-indorewala's picture

Hozefa Indorewala

Kinetic Designer, Munich

Worked with robots before

Loves Quora

Spice Wizard

Speaks Hindi & Swahili

jaclyn-suzuki's picture

Jaclyn Suzuki

CMF Specialist

Material innovation whiz

Processing & technology guru

Glass, resin and acrylic artist

Former glass scientist

andreas-puskeiler's picture

Andreas Puskeiler

Visual Interaction Designer

Information visualizer

Modern arts absorber

Speaks German

paul-oconnor's picture

Paul O'Connor

Executive Creative Director

Brand and product strategist

Guitar player

Former pizzamaker

Speaks some French

jonathan-hynes's picture

Jonathan Hynes

IT Administrator

Application Developer

Bike Enthusiast, Cat Magnet

Aspiring Writer

jonathan-irick's picture

Jonathan Irick

Creative Director


Bicycle racing hooligan

Former census enumerator

Speaks Spanish, Archi-babble

niklas-gustavsson's picture

Niklas Gustafsson

Studio Director

Industrial designer

Construction engineer

Avid outdoorsman

Speaks Swedish

jin-lee's picture

Jin Lee

Executive Managing Director, Operations

Former Controller CPA

Keen dancer

Speaks Korean

michael-friebe's picture

Michael Friebe

ID/UX Designer, Munich

Hi-Fi  Connoisseur

Photo Enthusiast

Former Movie Rental Boy

Speaks Polish

carl-alviani's picture

Carl Alviani


Design language nerd

Urban planning enthusiast

Former science teacher

Speaks Swahili

jooYoung-oh's picture

JooYoung Oh

Consumer Insights Analyst

People connector

Maker of practical things

Aspiring yoga instructor

Speaks Korean

in-baek's picture

In Baek

Communication Designer

Cartoon watcher

Chocolate connoisseur

Reluctant TEFL teacher

Speaks Korean

eric-park's picture

Eric Park

Creative Director

Sustainability specialist



Ultimate Frisbee player