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Senior Software Engineer

Portland, OR

Ziba is seeking a Senior Software Engineer who thrives on building world-class software that makes a difference in people’s lives to lead our Digital Studio software group.

In this position, you will be responsible for leading, enhancing and expanding Ziba’s software development team. While you may be working on client projects, your focus will be on the backend of Ziba’s internal projects being incubated in ZibaLabs, and its first spin-off startup, Citifyd.

About Citifyd

Citifyd (B2C & B2B) is a smart city/smart mobility technology company focused on reducing mobility barriers for local commerce. By making it easier for commuters to connect with different mobility providers, drivers to find a space, parking providers to offer a space, and for businesses to engage customers locally and contextually, we make urban mobility, easier, and less expensive for everyone involved while invigorating local commerce. Our products are currently in use in several major urban areas in US and the platform has over 60K users and growing. We have filed over 14 international patents and have been granted 8 as of now.

Citifyd has a range of modern, high-quality solutions that we have been built over the last 7 years. Currently, Citifyd’s stack is Javascript-oriented, with its mobile app in React Native, dashboards in Angular and React, and its backend in Node.JS. In addition, we have built our SmartVision™ system for vehicle recognition in Python and some tools in Ruby. We always pay attention to detail and believe in creating the best user experience and in developing resilient services with the most innovative technologies that the market has to offer.

The Citifyd team is unique and diverse, with members from North America, South America and Europe. With our growth, we are looking to expand the team!

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Lead and elevate the backend development of Citifyd and other internal software initiatives of ZibaLabs.
  • Plan and architect complex solutions involving Citifyd’s applications for web and native platforms.
  • Migrate Citifyd’s APIs from REST to GraphQL.
  • Refactoring important parts of Citifyd’s system.
  • Help with the migration to latest versions of dependencies, including for the latest versions of Node.JS.
  • Improve Citifyd’s test coverage.
  • Help Citifyd team write and maintain documentation.
  • Work on Citifyd’s scaling process and develop functionality for new products we are building.


  • Experience with backend development
  • Advanced experience in developing and maintaining large projects in Node.JS.
  • Passion for writing clean, clear, and understandable code and comprehensive tests using best, up-to-date practices.
  • Mastery with Postgres and ORMs, data integrity, git, sockets, and development of REST and GraphQL APIs.
  • Maturity in DevOps, scaling, performance, debugging, monitoring and development of resilient systems.
  • Collaborative and able to work with an agile team, develop code side-by-side with other members, mentor other developers, be adaptable, proactive, admit mistakes, and maintain a hunger for knowledge.


  • Familiarity with Heroku and AWS, microservices architecture, server functions, and Kafka.
  • Knowledge of integration with APIs of various services, such as Twilio, Facebook, Apple, Stripe, etc.
  • Experience in data security analysis and improvement.
  • Ability to write and maintain clear documentation of our features.
  • Experience developing other languages besides JavaScript.
  • Played around with Artificial Intelligence, TensorFlow, etc.
  • Contributed to open-source projects.

What to send us:

  • Your résumé and a cover letter.

What we will provide you:

  • Competitive salary
  • Benefits such as health, dental, vision, life & disability insurances, and more
  • Flexible time off
  • Hybrid working environment
  • Sabatical leave
  • 401K (+Matching)
  • Equity (Stock options)
  • H1 and/or Green Card sponsorship
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