Impossible Made Easy

Ziba has over a decade of history with Wacom, expanding their user base with new lines like the Bamboo and reinforcing an industry-leading position with pro creatives, with previous incarnations of the Cintiq and award-winning tablets like the Intuos4. To move the market forward, the new Cintiq 24HD would have to be larger and more sensitive than any of its predecessors, and more powerful than anything else available. Ziba’s combined design and engineering approach helped Wacom make this "impossible" hardware easy and ensuring user needs were met: ergonomics, nimbleness, stability, a thick leading edge, and easy blind operation.

The must-have graphics tablet.

The new Cintiq sold out its entire initial product run within four days of release and earned Gizmodo’s Best Graphics Tablet of 2011 designation, along with dozens of glowing reviews from the tech and design press. With Ziba’s help, Wacom isn’t just staying on top of the digital artist's tablet game – they’re transforming it for good.

60 pounds of effortless.

Prototyping began at that very first meeting, when the creative director laid a few pens under a plywood slab and began rolling it around – a small-scale imitation of ancient Egyptians using logs to roll massive stones toward the Great Pyramids. The lesson was clear: when a heavy object needs to move, don’t pick it up. Make it slide.

Two weeks after the first trials, our expert user test subjects were brought back and presented with updated prototypes based on the new, easy-to-manipulate U-frame concept. Their ecstatic feedback made it clear we had a winner.


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