Breaking The Bank

Ziba’s integrated brand experience for Umpqua brings the human element back to an industry that had become impersonal and automated. To redefine retail banking, we combined experiences found in high-end boutique hotels, retail, coffee shops and banks. With the growing ‘slow movement’ trend materializing in various industries and the exploding interest in localism to rebuild a sense of community, Ziba defined a new opportunity: Slow Banking. While other banks were competing on speed and convenience, Umpqua was looking for a lifestyle solution.

Now, at every Umpqua branch, consumers are invited to linger: read a newspaper, enjoy a free cup of coffee, surf the internet and shop for banking products. Universal Banking Associates ensure that everyone receives first-class attention, no matter the size of their bank account. A comfortable community area allows consumers to engage in a social setting. All this with an eye to the ultimate benefit – for Umpqua consumers not to think about money and get on with enjoying life.

One million dollars in deposits in the first week.

When CEO Ray Davis announced this program to his Board of Directors there was resistance, so he guaranteed them $15 million in new deposits the first year. Nine months later, Umpqua’s first redesigned branch had a record $50 million in deposits. Ziba’s new bank concept has rolled out to all 162 Umpqua branches.

The redesigned branches generate 2.25 times higher deposits, double average deposit balances, two times average loan balances and significantly increase cross selling among existing customers. Umpqua also reports that recruiting people to work in these stores is easier. The new store experience also helped Umpqua become one of Fortune's 100 Best Companies to work for, three years in a row.


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