Storming Salon Shelves
Procter & Gamble

"The innovation featured in the Flaunt Collection represents our commitment to continuing to build on Sebastian’s heritage as an innovative professional hair care brand."

Reuben Carranza, Managing Director, P&G Professional Care Exclusive Line


For over two decades, Sebastian was the authority on style, and products became salon must-haves. But, by 2006, Sebastian had fallen out of favor with consumers. Hair professionals forgot its rich heritage as a style pioneer, and one-time brand evangelists stopped selling it in their salons. Expanding from the salon to the mass market, Sebastian found consumers failing to connect with its newly expanded array of product styles and colors.

More fundamentally, its core promise of fearless innovation and inspiration had become diluted. Sebastian’s parent company Procter & Gamble approached Ziba to help revive the brand by designing the 3D bottle structure, color, material and finishes and the package experience. Ziba’s solution was a disruption: refined, sophisticated designs that told a story of authority and subtle glamour.


Since Sebastian’s 2008 unveiling, the brand has successfully reclaimed its spot on salon shelves and continues to develop innovative new products. In recent years, the brand has teamed up with runway shows, famous stylists and fashion models to co-promote style events and new collections. In 2009, Sebastian released the Flaunt collection, which has been wildly popular with stylists and consumers alike.

Mindful of cost and production parameters, we worked with off-the-shelf bottles and caps for most of the line, creating a signature shape and custom outer cap for the shampoo and conditioner, Sebastian’s biggest-selling products. Ziba’s work, including successful collaboration with the P&G graphic and advertising teams, immediately reshaped Sebastian’s story.


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