Calling all gym rats

Embracing the movement.

Reebok’s logo has graced the uniforms of hundreds of professional sports teams over the years, but the 60-year-old brand has a deeper purpose other athletic brands lack: its heart lies in helping people achieve individual fitness. Reebok partnered with Ziba to design a new approach to retail, that would let the growing ranks of fitness-seekers know Reebok was the brand that understood them best.

Ziba and Reebok developed a new retail concept: the Fit Hub. To emphasize individual achievement, Fit Hubs are flexible retail experiences. This allows each retail location to deliver a customized experience where fitness enthusiasts can learn and connect as well as shop.

Official supplier to the Sport of Fitness.

Each store draws on Reebok’s rich legacy, focuses on activity and community, and tells clear, inspiring stories about fitness and personal potential. Fit Hubs provide an in-store experience unique to Reebok, and a way for fitness enthusiasts to build a community that supports them as they pursue their goals. In early 2012, the first Fit Hubs opened in Russia, Dubai and South Korea, followed in August with a space on New York City’s Fifth Avenue.

The Fifth Avenue Fit Hub highlights Reebok’s official partnership with the rapidly growing CrossFit movement by locating an actual CrossFit “box” gym beneath the store. Media coverage of the stores has been overwhelmingly positive, and excellent sales performance has led to an expansion of the Fit Hub concept, with 10 more planned for both Europe and the US in 2013, and a nationwide rollout in India.



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