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Best Buy

Best Buy had a showrooming problem: one executive demonstrated this when she used an in-store demo tablet to find the same device online, at a lower price. Ziba redesigned Best Buy’s entire approach to private brands to combat showrooming, assessing each in-house brand both individually and in relationship to each other. The strategy revealed a need for a new brand including naming, logo, products, packaging and merchandising, to speak to the values of young, savvy consumers. Modal is a new, private brand and line of products and packaging for Best Buy.

The Modal brand of mobile accessories – phone and tablet cases, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and product packaging  – is available only at Best Buy. It allows consumers the freedom to create their own mobile accessory ecosystem, and invites them to engage with Best Buy in an entirely new way. Modal’s strong brand foundation and ability to connect with consumers who would otherwise ignore Best Buy does more than just fill SKUs, it answers real needs now and in the future.

Modal is only the beginning.

For Best Buy, a brand designed from scratch means more than just better margins and staying on-trend. Modal brings manufacturing partners under control and leverages another big asset: Best Buy’s in-person proximity to millions and millions of consumers.

Brick-and-mortar stores are still the place to go for easy access to expertise – and the immediate gratification of buying on the spot. Ziba’s strategic brand foundation is set to deliver even more for Best Buy, from recalibrated existing brands to new offerings in the future.




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