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Moda Health

"You want to go to Mars, call NASA. You want to go the heart of your brand, to its soul, its spirit . . . call Ziba."

Jonathan Nicholas, VP of Marketing, Moda Health

Ziba created a new brand strategy for Oregon Dental Services to reflect the company’s expansion and prepare for legislative changes that would require them to be more consumer-facing. In the process, ODS got a new name – Moda Health – but that was only the beginning.

The new strategy presented the opportunity to clearly express the brand’s essential mission. As CEO Robert Gootee said, their goal was not “to be the best known, but the best regarded.”

More than just a new name.

In December 2012, Moda announced their new identity internally, with a brand guide and the Be Better Manifesto; in early 2013 the company rebranded its headquarters and renamed the Rose Garden to the Moda Center. The new brand captures Moda’s leadership position and broadcasts optimism, as well as providing permission to extend services and value that didn’t necessarily feel right, with their old brand. Moda stakeholders from all levels of the organization invested at every stage of the design process, making for a solution that transcends a traditional corporate identity system. Ensuring every touchpoint expresses their unique brand promise does more than clear the road for Moda Health to connect with new consumers, going forward – it strengthens communication with existing members as well.


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