A Dreaming Service
Technicolor / DreamWorks Animation

We have never had more choices about how, where, and when we consume media. We can use our Smart TVs in our living rooms, surf our tablets in bed, and watch Netflix on our phones anytime, anywhere. But we still lack a single, simple way to get all of our media—rented and purchased movies, network television, recorded live events, etc.—in one place. Tech-savvy consumers can cobble together a workable solution, but only after connecting 30 cables and learning half a dozen remotes through trial-and-error. For everyone else, it is just frustrating.

Technicolor and DreamWorks Animation approached Ziba to provide their customers with an integrated solution: one where there was a vast selection of content, a user experience that consumers could trust and a brand identity that resonated with its users. Together, we created M-GO, a branded experience that works seamlessly on any screen, letting users watch programming on devices they own, rather than sort through a pile of remotes. It puts streaming, purchased, owned and rented content in a single interface, and it’s a joy to use.


A seamless experience

M-GO was introduced to great acclaim at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and was released to the public shortly thereafter. Following its release, the app has garnered more than 1.5 million active users to date, and was deemed the “Amazon of media” by customers.

M-GO users now have a system that makes watching TV easy again. The interface is consistent throughout every part of the M-GO experience, from account creation to movie purchase to browsing the TV schedule, across all devices. It is a level of coherence that ultimately created a much stronger brand experience than competing interfaces.

An Incredible Collaboration

To accomplish such an ambitious program, it was clear to all involved that the teams would need to work hand-in-hand. Ziba’s design team integrated deeply with Technicolor’s developers to problem solve on the fly and steward a complex design system all the way to the market. Through constant communication, an integrated delivery process, and a shared vision, Ziba, Technicolor, and DreamWorks Animation were able to bring to market a media offering previously thought to be impossible.


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