Delight at every touch point

Re-designing an existing high quality product is one thing. Creating an entirely new one from scratch is something else, especially for a successful retailer as demanding as Costco. Ziba had earned Costco’s trust in 2009 by turning their Kirkland Signature bar soap into a high-volume success. In 2010, they came to us with a larger challenge: to add an entirely new product to their health and beauty line. In response, Ziba developed Costco Body Wash—it represents an entirely new approach to products for the Kirkland Signature brand.

For the first time, Costco is carrying products designed from the ground up to delight the customer at every point in their journey, from first viewing to last usage. Bundled with a simple but elegant printed cardboard wrap, a pair of these bottles is suddenly sturdy enough to palletize, and presents a prominent “billboard” on the warehouse floor. The graphic treatment of the wraps and the boxes that hold them work together to draw shopper interest from a distance, and highlight product benefits on closer reading.

Since hitting the shelves in early 2011, Kirkland Signature Body Wash has consistently outsold the leading competitive brand, to become one of the fastest selling new releases in the history of the company.

Talking with dozens of Costco members and observing them in their homes, our designers learned some surprising things. Everything matters, from the scent to the way the soap feels when rubbed between two fingers.


Packaging Design