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New Seasons Market

"Ziba helped us deliver a brand platform framework that not only reflected our true voice and differentiation, but also gave us strong messaging that is absolutely true to who we are – it’s just us."

Wendy Collie, CEO, New Seasons Market

Organic growth

Local matters to New Seasons Market. More than just sourcing produce and groceries from local producers, each New Seasons store is deeply involved in its community. This approach has helped New Seasons grow from a single co-op in 2000 to 15 locations across greater Portland, but also makes it challenging to deliver a consistent brand experience. With plans for further expansion, New Seasons needed a strategy for telling their story of localism and community engagement, to a diverse and growing customer base.

To do this, Ziba dove deeply into New Seasons’ organization. Then we took the pulse of a fast-changing public, identifying what customers cared about and what made the brand unique. The key lay in New Seasons’ most basic philosophy: better food for more people. Ziba’s brand strategy provides the clarity needed to reach today’s food-savvy customers. Imagine a supermarket with a real sense of place – and even a sense of humor!

From the essentials to the extraordinary

New Seasons has always empowered its customer-facing staff to provide honest information about the real food they sell; now they have brand principles to match, allowing for a consistent customer experience across every form of messaging, from in-store signage to outdoor advertisements. Visually celebrating what sets New Seasons apart from its competition is the right way for the brand to scale up.

The grocer was so pleased with their new brand strategy that they’ve since come back to Ziba multiple times for consulting on how to best extend it into seasonal messaging, office design, bus campaigns and more. Most recently, Ziba provided experience design support for their new Portland stores and headquarters, as well as communication design and brand support for their private label. 

Local growth powered by local food

“Local” and “organic” as messages have been diluted in consumers’ minds. Ziba’s brand strategy lets New Seasons tangibly demonstrate how eating responsibly and locally are actually community values. Competitors can’t match this claim: as the world’s first and only B Corp certified grocer, New Seasons gives 10% of profits to local charities, pays employees living wages and meets a zero-waste goal year after year.

"Ziba played a critical role in helping us capture the true essence of the New Seasons Market brand in a way that emotionally connects with our customers and staff. Their collaborative spirit enabled them to become deeply immersed in our culture, mission and values and work seamlessly with our internal teams," said Wendy Collie, CEO, New Seasons Market.


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