Goes to Eleven

"They had to pry this thing out of my hands. My apologies to TDK. They shouldn't have had to see me cry like that."

Donald Bell, CNet Senior Editor

20 years after its heyday, TDK still enjoyed positive associations with music lovers. But the combination of precision, warmth and control that earned this love had gone missing from TDK’s offerings –and the audio market as a whole. Ziba helped TDK identify the right strategic target and design a line of high-end audio gear to recapture those music lovers' hearts.

Modern, with heart.

We love the convenience of digital music – taking everything everywhere, and staying current – but miss the warmth of analog, the crackle of vinyl, not to mention the shareability of records and cassettes. Ziba's line of audio gear for TDK offers the best of both worlds, analog and digital. TDK 2011 means listening out loud with friends, spinning vinyl on a beautiful turntable, and getting lost in a favorite track wearing plush headphones. With Ziba’s help, TDK has done more than just extend their brand: they’ve created an entirely new category of audio gear that loves music as much as listeners do. TDK’s audio hardware means more than component systems and Bluetooth speakers. This is proof you can see and touch – everyone who gets near the TDK 2011 audio line feels something. 




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