We’re about achieving measurable results. Particularly when the metric is “number of lives saved.”


Medical products company in need of a turnkey solution to immediately start saving lives.



Design, engineer, prototype, test and produce an award-winning, life-saving product in less than 18 weeks.



Cleared for military use and full FDA approval in a matter of weeks. Countless lives saved immediately after deployment.



User Research, Product Design, Engineering




When you’re faced with a design problem that involves the unnecessary loss of human life, you treat that brief as sacred.

That’s precisely how we felt when Ziba was approached by RevMedx, then a relatively small-but-driven medical device company whose stated mission is “to save lives by creating revolutionary medical products designed specifically for combat medics and civilian first responders.”

For soldiers and first responders who’ve been wounded and are rapidly losing blood, even a few seconds can be the difference between life and death.

Eighty percent of deaths in situations like these are due to uncontrolled hemorrhage, or “bleeding out.” These kinds of deep wounds cannot be controlled with tourniquets, and the old ways of treating them could be ineffective and excruciatingly painful.

“Finding an innovation and design firm that immediately saw the life-saving potential and urgency of our vision was the key to its realization.” 

- Andrew Barofsky, RevMedx President and CEO


Ziba worked with RevMedx to develop, prototype and test a device that was so different from anything that existed that the FDA had to create a whole new category of classification for it.

First approved in 2014, Xstat is a deceptively simple, syringe-like device that’s been proven to stop bleeding in less than twenty seconds—even when a deep artery is torn.

When the plastic applicator is inserted into a wound cavity, it injects a large number of tiny sponges made from wood pulp and coated with a derivative of crustacean shells, an antimicrobial material that promotes blood clotting.

Our collaboration with RevMedx has attracted media attention from publications like Wired and the Daily News, and was featured on CBS This Morning. It also earned the PopularScience Invention Award. Naturally, we’re proud of these things. But nothing will ever compare with that moment when our client called to report that Xstat had saved four lives during its first week of use.