We not only play well with others. We help others play faster and more passionately.


Large outdoor retail outfitter needed to find a way to connect with a younger demographic.



Collaborated closely with the client to design a new brand of outdoor gear that resonates deeply with 20 to 35-year olds.



Product inventory in the tens of thousands sold out in two weeks even before the new product line was introduced at retail locations nationally.



Brand Strategy, Product Design, Packaging Design, Communication Design 



REI is a smart company.

As they were preparing to enter their eightieth year as a co-operative that has always provided outdoor lovers with the best prices on high-quality, durable outdoor gear, they proved that they were a wise company, as well.

Recognizing their strengths as well as their limitations, they engaged Ziba to help them connect more deeply with a new generation of casual outdoor lovers who prefer socializing in outdoor settings.

Ziba strategists and creatives were embedded in the retailer’s Seattle headquarters where we conducted extensive customer research and began developing a private label brand that would resonate deeply with this consumer.

“I’m a guy who fights to keep work in-house, because I feel the people who know the brand best are the people who work there. But the additional horsepower Ziba brought was extremely helpful. I feel like we’ve made years worth of progress on this work in just a few months. I love people running around furiously, getting fired up about the brand being brought to life.”

— Jason Sutherland, REI Creative Director


The result of our collaboration was evrgrn™, a brand of outdoor gear designed to facilitate memorable moments for picnickers, backyard campers and concert goers, basically any outdoor setting where friends meet to socialize and have fun. Dubbed “gear for good times,” the product line featured playful twists on traditional camping gear, including a tent specifically designed for stargazing; a squishable and dimmable lantern; and a sleeping bag with leg and arm holes (to be worn from campfire to bed).

REI has reported strong sales among 20 to 35 year-olds, with a spike in activity on their social channels. Before evrgrn™ products started appearing at retail, REI made them available online for members and employees only. Many items were sold out before they even hit the stores.