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Global athletic footwear and apparel company needed a new retail strategy that incorporated their core brand values and shifted their focus from competitive sport to fitness, rooted in community and lifestyle.



Created a service-oriented space built around interaction, community, and memorable experiences for customers and employees.



Delivered a new flagship store in five months, from start to finish, repositioning the brand and value proposition through this fully immersive retail space that brought new life to a classic brand, and doubled their revenue.



Consumer Insights & Trends, Environmental Design, Brand Strategy, Communication Design, Service Design



Reebok has been a formidable player in the world of athletic footwear and apparel since 1958.

But over time, they began to move away from their initial focus on personal fitness and into the crowded realm of competitive sport.

They came to Ziba with a desire and commitment to return to their original mission: fitness rooted in community and lifestyle. This called for an entirely new approach to retail that both exemplified their roots and modernized their brand. But it would take more than a sophisticated design language; Ziba also delivered an innovative strategy to help Reebok navigate the tumultuous and constantly shifting waters of retail.

For Reebok, it was crucial to showcase their new positioning—and new products—within a dramatic physical space. It became clear to us that the best way to create drama was through the idea of “retail as theater.” The result was a totally interactive, engaging, activating experience. Their global headquarters would be part museum, part gallery, part workshop, and part training facility. We designed the space to provide an immersive, inspiring and memorable experience for the Reebok employees who walked through it every day, and also for customers and the entire community.


In order for brick and mortar stores to stay relevant in a digital world, they have to be more than just stores—they have to be service centers.

In this case, we demanded even more of the physical space. It was to be Reebok’s headquarters, their flagship store, and the most realized expression of what the brand stands for. It needed to inspire Reebok employees and customers to be physically active and to live a movement-filled life. It couldn’t just be about shoes or apparel or gear; it had to be about the idea of human development. Self-improvement. Community enhancement. Living, breathing enrichment.

The “service center” aspects included professional fitting and testing, one-on one training, group events, interactive digital displays, limited edition product releases, a booth for product customization, a state-of-the-art exercise studio, and, to dial up the theater aspect, we recommended that they move their cobbler up from the basement to personalize shoes for customers and staff. Our highest goal was to create a brand environment that inspired employees and customers and left them in awe.

In just under five months from inception to launch, Reebok had a new headquarters and their largest store in North America. A fully immersive space that brought new life to a classic brand. And doubled their revenue.