Ziba is a design and innovation company. But private equity firms keep coming to us for results.


Private equity investment firm wanted to protect their investment, guide their expansion and achieve scale, cohesively and efficiently.



Captured the unique essence of the brand and developed an integrated and scalable system to successfully export the brand experience to products and environments in new markets.



Double digit sales growth for private label, far outpacing the 2.9% CPG average growth and continued national expansion plans.



Brand Strategy, Consumer Insights & Trends, Communication Design, Packaging Design, Service Design



When an Oregon-based private equity firm decided to make a significant investment in New Seasons Market, the chain was readying themselves for a period of steady but responsible growth.

They were passionate about their brand and wanted to keep the special culture alive as they expanded. So they came to Ziba for results. They wanted to know, with some certainty, that the unique brand experience people enjoyed at New Seasons here in the Northwest could and would translate (and ultimately resonate) with all these new neighborhoods they were going into, without compromising any of the values that had made them so beloved in the first place.

We were able to capture (or “nail,” as our client put it) the essence of the New Seasons brand, and codify their values, so they could begin to scale—efficiently, cohesively, successfully— with 100% brand fidelity.

That accomplished, we were asked to tackle the strategy around the private label products. While the products were doing well with other products on the shelf it was missing positioning work. New Seasons needed a strategy and approach to an updated design.

“Ziba was able to provide the strategic resources, creativity and the strong discipline needed to help New Seasons distill and define our brand essence and platform. We worked collaboratively with Ziba throughout the process and they have been great partners to us.”

— Dina Keenan, CMO, New Seasons


To win any market share for their house brand, they needed some new thinking.

Traditionally, private label products have been defined by category, their labels generic, with little or no transparency about who actually made the product. We decided to turn tradition on its head and design a story- and partnership-based approach that would allow New Seasons to celebrate their valued partnerships with local producers in each market, while still leveraging their unique brand personality and humor. We did away with the language of “private label” and “house brand,” and coined the term, “Partner Brand.”

Since the New Seasons packaging line launch last year, they have experienced double digit sales growth for their house brand, outpacing the industry average for consumer packaged goods. And New Seasons is on a solid path to becoming the ultimate neighborhood grocery store and a beloved national brand.