Oh, how we love to disrupt the status quo. Especially at retail.


Iconic sporting goods brand needed a smart solution to engage consumers in an overcrowded retail environment.



Designed and delivered an engaging and durable interactive experience to capture the customer’s imagination and hold it.



600,000 unique impressions over a three-year period, with a reported two-minute average engagement for each visitor.



Digital Design, Environments Design, Interaction Design



The Adidas brand is full of rich stories and very real technical achievements.

The iconic three-stripe logo is easily recognized around the globe. But the sporting goods retail space is an extremely crowded and competitive one, with multiple brands, dozens of products, hundreds of visual messages, and little to set any of them apart. Digital displays have had some success in cutting through the noise, but they are often rendered ineffective when said displays end up in a completely different part of the store than the products themselves.

Technology in the retail environment also contends with issues of scale. It’s one thing to create interactive displays for a few flagship stores, with dedicated support staff. It’s something else entirely to design a display that can be replicated hundreds of times, turn on and off with a single switch, boot up flawlessly and still be field-serviceable. Adidas needed the ability to quickly update those displays with new products and initiatives, and they knew that Ziba has expertise in physical and digital retail experiences.


Ziba created the Adidas Gear Case, a small, attractive, interactive kiosk that can overlay an actual physical shoe display with a transparent touchscreen.

This solved the problem on a number of levels. Showcasing real product and digital content for Adidas basketball, running, golf, and soccer campaigns engaged consumers. They needed detailed, technical product information, and Ziba integrated this information-gathering with an immersive brand experience. The Gear Case combined product and digital displays more effectively than any format in use at the time. This display wasn’t a one-off, soon-to-be obsolete fixture, either. We designed it on a durable, renewable platform, which also reduced equipment costs. New digital graphics and videos were simple to load; campaign collateral could be swapped out in seconds. Which allowed Adidas to make full use of media already being created for television or the web. In the busy arena of retail sporting goods, the Gear Case achieved something no other merchandise display, environmental graphic or looping video had done before: it focused attention on the product and embellished it with specific displays that the shopper could intuitively control and engage with.

Over the first six months, twenty kiosks in fifteen different cities engaged over 300,000 customers, racking up 90,000 unique screen views. Google analytics reported a two-minute average engagement for each visitor, as users explored every available piece of content. An iconic brand needed an iconic retail brand experience. And Ziba delivered.