Ziba’s secret for getting repeat business: repeated success.


Needed to breathe life into a private label product and increase its flagging sales.



Redesigned the product and the packaging, influenced by the customer journey to address every aspect of the experience.



In the first three weeks after the redesign launched, sales of Kirkland body soap jumped by over 50 percent with some Costco stores reporting increases of up to 300 percent over the next year.



User Research, Consumer Insights & Trends, Packaging Design, Communication Design, Product Design




Costco sells thousands of products under their successful private label brand, Kirkland Signature.

But when they first approached Ziba, there was one particular Kirkland product that was keeping them up at night: their French-milled body soap. It wasn’t a quality issue; their soap held its own against branded soaps costing twice the price. So, they brought us in to diagnose the problem and resuscitate sales.

Ziba’s rigorous approach, even for something as functional as a bar of soap, is to address every aspect of the consumer’s experience with that product, from the moment they notice the packaging on the shelf, to the way that product looks and performs throughout the entire customer journey. Every detail is considered. Ziba redesigned the product and the packaging, elevating Kirkland’s Signature Body Soap and increasing its appeal, in-store and in-home.

In the first three weeks after the redesign launched, sales of Kirkland body soap jumped by over 50%, with some Costco stores reporting increases of up to 300% over the next year. Based on the success of their body soap, Costco then asked Ziba to leverage that momentum and create an entirely new product for their health and beauty line—from the ground up.


Ziba interviewed dozens of Costco members, observing them in their homes and identifying opportunities for enhancing their experience with this new body wash from Costco.

We oversaw the development of scent, appearance, even viscosity—the way the product feels when rubbed between two fingers.

Great care was given to the packaging, both from an aesthetic standpoint, and from a practical one. Bundling the bottles in pairs made them sturdy enough to palletize, which then became an arresting billboard on the warehouse floor. The graphic treatment of the wraps, and the boxes that held them, worked together to draw shoppers in from a distance, and then provided the product benefits and quality cues on the bottles themselves.

Since hitting the shelves in early 2011, Kirkland Signature Body Wash has consistently outsold the leading competitive brand, to become one of the fastest selling new releases in Costco’s history.