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Global sportswear company wanted to evolve an existing digital product, originally thinking they needed a new name for a fitness app targeting women users.



Informed by their design and trend research, Ziba developed a new user experience that not only inspired an entirely new and more intuitive UI/UX, it surfaced the ideal name.



Redesigned the purpose of the adidas app to truly address the needs of the target audience, offering a humanized digital platform distinct from its competitors.


User Research, Interaction Design, Digital Design, Consumer Insights & Trends



adidas has always been deeply centered in the pure joy of sport.

When they were hoping to evolve a digital product from a hard core coaching and soccer app into a more meaningful fitness tool for women users, they engaged us to come up with a name for it.

As always, we started asking questions. Who will use this tool? What do they care about? What do they need, existentially and practically speaking? How could this tool become a trusted part of their lives? How will it be different from all the other exercise apps already in existence? How was it special? What were we promising? The name had to wait. Clearly, it was secondary to the story.

After several spirited rapid design and trend research sessions with the client team, we arrived at a simple yet profound hypothesis: sport and fitness is, at its core, a form of elevated play. With this in mind, we developed a new user experience that not only inspired an entirely new and more intuitive UI/UX, but gave the app life.

This allowed adidas to rethink their positioning and take a more holistic approach, encouraging self-care and inspiring individual fitness through a humanized digital platform that users would use all day, every day.

Allday 2.gif

Hence the name: All Day.

A wholly integrated platform that inspires, organizes, celebrates, advocates, encourages discovery, creates community, and, of course, tracks the user’s progress—including sleep, steps, calories, gym sessions, spin classes—providing them with a complete picture of their fitness journey, not just the results. All Day is engaging, establishing an emotional connection with the user, even introducing them to quick, guided sessions from yoga instructors, wellness chefs, and fitness trainers.

So, yes, in the end, adidas got their name. Ziba created an entirely original prototype that ultimately informed the final development and shaped the value proposition. What began as a naming assignment became a wireframe which became a digital product which became a revolutionary new way to experience the joy of sport.