One of our favorite things to make is history.

One of our favorite things to make is history.


Immensity, Intensity, And Intelligence: Ziba And The Soul Of A Brand

A Ziba profile written by Julie Lasky, former deputy editor of the New York Times's weekly Home section and the editor-in-chief of I.D and Interiors magazines. Download the white-paper here.

Ziba has only one metric for success, and that’s the success of our clients.

Of course, all design and innovation firms can and often do say this. But ask them for a list of those successes. Not for two or three projects, but consistently and increasingly over the past two or three decades. Ask them how they transformed a company. Ask them how they transformed an industry. The proof, as they say, is always in the pudding. And we invite you now to taste a little bit of ours. More accurately, we invite you to sample some of our clients’ success stories. Bon appétit.




ATM 500, ATM Technologies,1983-84

First system for cashless gasoline purchase.


Cirrus Drive, LaCie, 1986

Established LaCie as the premier external drive company differentiated through design.


PC Viewer, In Focus Systems, 1987

First LCD projector system; established the industry.


Nike Monitor 500, Nike, 1988

First wearable fitness monitor.


Clerét Bathroom Squeegee, Clerét, 1989

First squeegee designed to be both functional and beautiful.
Results: Revenues of $16 million in its second year just from this one product.
Recognition: Acquired into the permanent collection of the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum.




System 1000, Althin CD Medical, 1990

Pioneered next generation of dialysis instruments; considered industry standard.
Recognition: Stuttgart Design Center, International Design Prize


Woodzig Pruners, Blount Corporation, 1991

First handheld electrical power pruner for an aging consumer.
Recognition: Business Week - Best Consumer Product


Intouch System, General Magic, 1993

Precursor to current day smartphone.


Biojector, Bioject, 1993

First portable needleless injector.
Results: Remains on the market today and has been used to deliver millions of injections in a wide range of health care settings.
Recognition: IDEA Industrial Design Excellence Awards Gold Award. Best of Medical Equipment


Flat Panel Monitor, Hewlett Packard, 1994

 First commercial touchscreen flat panel display.


Natural Keyboard, Microsoft, 1995

First ergonomic keyboard for the mainstream consumer.

Results: The keyboard gained popularity quickly, selling over 600,000 per month at its peak and established the market.   

Recognition: Business Week/Industrial Designers Society of America + IDEA Industrial Design Excellence Awards, Silver Award


THX Home Theatre System, Kenwood, 1995

First digital touchscreen remote control for THX system.

Recognition: Business Week/Industrial Designers Society of America + IDEA Industrial Design Excellence Awards, Gold Award


Safe Keep Monitors, Coleman, 1996-97

First easily accessible disarming and testing “broom” button for smoke detectors. 

Results: Achieved a 40% market share in under a year.


NCPC - New Concept Personal Computer, Fujitsu, 1997

Multimedia home appliance with a removable screen, a precursor to the iPad.


Rover, Aria Enterprises, 1997

An immersion gaming device; a precursor to VR gaming.




M-Systems Flash Drive, M-Systems, 2000

World’s first universal USB flash drive.


Clorox Ready Mop, Clorox, 2002

First wet mop in the supplemental cleaning industry; shifted aisle placement strategy.

Results: 79% growth in profits within the first quarter and a 7% volume growth in its household products division alone; biggest product launch in history for Clorox with over $200 million in its first year, ranking among the top ten largest consumer product launches of the decade.


Mobile Metro Laptop, Intel, 2002

Precursor to the super thin PC laptop.


Umpqua Bank, Umpqua, 2003

Redefined the concept of retail banking.

Results: Within nine months, first redesigned branch had a record $50 million in deposits; increased overall assets from $2.9 billion to $12 billion; and recognized as one of Fortune's 100 Best Companies to work for, three years in a row.

Recognition: Business Week/Industrial Designers Society of America IDEA Industrial Design Excellence Awards, Gold Award


Sirius XM, Sirius, 2004-6

Defined satellite radio for mainstream in the iPod age.

Results: Sirius subscriptions were up 97% and revenues up 250% in the third quarter of 2005 compared to third quarter of 2004, leading to a merger of XM by Sirius.


 Herbal Essence, Procter & Gamble, 2006

Revived the brand and transformed hair care aisle product placement by showcasing shampoo + conditioner together; strategy now adopted by industry.

Results: Sales increased by $30 million in the first year.


Li-Ning Retail, Li-Ning, 2007

First brand in China to create an end-to-end brand experience across all touch points including product design, product strategy, retail, brand, logo, and environment.

Results: Increased revenue over 4 years from $418 million to $1.44 billion.




Jumpseat, Ziba Labs, 2010

 First all wood, super compact, folding auditorium seating; now licensed and manufactured through Sedia Systems.


TDK Life On Record, Imation 2011

Recaptured an iconic brand from the past through brand and product strategy and product development.

Results: Immediately adopted into mainstream hip-hop culture when American rapper, Snoop Dogg custom ordered the 3-Speaker Boombox.


Heinz Ketchup Bottles, H. J. Heinz Company, 2012

Reinvigorated iconic brand to create instant product recognition on grocery shelves.

Results: $10 million a year saved in packaging costs.


M-Go, Technicolor & Dreamworks, 2012

First user-friendly cross platform integrated digital media platform to create seamless streaming service for all devices.


Modal, Best Buy, 2013

Defined and created a new private brand of mobile electronics and accessories.


SAM Junctional Tourniquet, SAM Medical, 2013

First junctional tourniquet designed to control bleeding in areas where standard tourniquets would not be effective.

Recognition: Honored with Greatest Innovation Award by U.S. Army; fielded by the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency; recognized with immediately saving lives on the battlefield.


XSTAT, Revmedx, 2013

First hemostatic device for the immediate treatment of gunshot and shrapnel wounds; transformed approach to gunshot and shrapnel triage.

Results: Received immediate FDA approval for military use, and less than two years later received clearance for civilian use.

Recognition: Popular Science Invention of the Year


Adidas Gear Case, Adidas, 2013

First portable interactive digital display to tell the story of a product.

Results: 600,000 unique impressions achieved over a three-year period.


Citifyd, Ziba Labs, 2014

First integrated Smart Mobility platform that facilitates transactions between commuters, parking and transportation providers and businesses.


New Seasons Private Label, New Seasons Market, 2016

Private equity investment firm wanted to protect their investment in New Seasons Market, guide its expansion and achieve scale, cohesively and efficiently.

Results: Double digit sales growth for private label, far outpacing the 2.9% CPG average growth and continued national expansion plans.