Ziba Panel Series: Wearables - The Future is Now

In early 2012, Nike introduced FuelBand and Google announced its Glass Project -- two events that shined a spotlight on the growing category of Wearable Technology. In the months since, the global design and business community has exploded with speculation on the potential of embedded computing. But they’ve left many questions unanswered: How will wearable technology fit into our daily lives? Is it a passing trend, or the future of computing? Will these kinds of devices bring people closer together, or add to the distractions that battle for our attention?

What’s clear is that computers will radically transform over the next five years, from devices we carry to integrated parts of our outfits and bodies, that we use almost without thinking. It’s a shift that will transform markets, and challenge our definition of beauty. Ziba hosted a talk on the subject of wearable technology, featuring local experts discussing their challenges, successes and the future of this exciting field. 

Sean Madden – Executive Managing Director, Ziba Design
Sean leads multi-disciplinary design teams to produce beautiful, relevant work for clients including Microsoft, Procter & Gamble and Sony. Sean was formerly a Creative Director at frog and professor of Interaction Design at The California College of the Arts’ graduate design program.  

Roberto Tagliabue – Executive Director Software Design, Jawbone 
Roberto led development of the UP fitness-tracking wristband for Jawbone, and has designed interactive media, product experiences and brand identity at Nike, Motorola and Razorfish. He founded Visere, a digital design consultancy, and Clibe, a collaborative, cloud-based notebook application.

Skooks Pong - Senior Vice President of Technology, Synapse
Skooks leads teams of engineers and thinkers in the creation of business solutions for clients such as Apple, Samsung and Intel. He has more than 20 years experience designing, developing, and delivering prototypes across a broad range of industries.

Moderator: Noah DiJulio – Senior Interaction Designer, Ziba Design

Video Partner: Funnelbox Production Studios
Funnelbox captured the event. Big thanks to the Funnelbox team for their partnership! Founded in 1999, Funnelbox Production Studios creates award-winning video, motion graphics and animation for companies like Philips, Wacom and Sony. Funnelbox provides Disciplined Creative services across the full spectrum of content production, including creative direction, audio and compositing.

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